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My first encounter looked allot like this photo.  I was driving south-bound on Genesee Avenue in the city of West Hollywood California.  It was almost 4:00 A.M. Friday in late July 1991.  I saw a disc shaped metallic looking  flying object with turquoise (that's crazy looking green for some of you folks) flame behind it.  It was traveling west-bound about 10 to 15 degrees high in the southerly sky.  Traveling at an estimated speed of about 300 to 400 mph.  I stopped   the cab to get my head out of the car just to make sure it was not a reflection of something in my car's windshield.  It was still there.  I got a feeling of helplessness and a panic sensation.  I was alone and I desperately wanted someone to see this. 




My second encounter looked almost  like this.