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Oahu, Hawaii
June 2003
Our Wedding Trip
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Northern California July 2006 Bohemian Grove Trip
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 Big Bear, California  Feb.2005  Last Snow Storm Trip
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  Marbella, Spain   June-2005.  Lenachka's Birthday Trip
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Lake Tahoe, California 2006 New Year Hummer Trip

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Southern California
Venice Beach
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Whistler, Canada 2007/08   (New Year Hummer Trip)

Mammoth, California Feb. 2007  (Valentine Weekend Trip)

Seattle, Washington Dec. 2006   (Visiting Kamila Trip)

Northern California July 2006   (Bohemian Grove Trip)
 Jamaica June 2006   (Lenachka's Birthday Trip)

Lake Tahoe, California 2005/06  (New Year Hummer Trip)

Venice Beach, California 2005

Marbella, Spain June 2005   (Lenachka's Birthday Trip)

Big Bear, California  Feb. 2005   (Last Snow Storm Trip)

Oahu, Hawaii June 2003   (Our Wedding Trip)

Moskow, Russia 2003   (New Year Trip)