from the author:  This was an e-mail  for my friend Alla, but I thought it could benefit and save your ass too.

It gives me great pleasure to be able to help out.

First of all, congratulation.   Just by you  thinking of emergency preparedness, you are already better off then 50% of all unfortunate people that will have to deal with a disaster.  By actually preparing for a disaster you will increase your chance of survival to a 100%. [assuming you survive the initial ''whatever'']

These three (3) links below are good survival kits to start with.  They are three (3) day kits for about a family of four (4). 
 I strongly suggest preparing for at least 18 - 21 days. 
You will need to sit down with everyone you care about and brainstorm together, to customize the survival kit to your exact needs.

And, especially  talk about what will you all do in case it really, really happens???   Where will you all meet?  How will you all get there? 
Who will go get who?  Make sure whoever has to stay put, ACTUALLY STAYS PUT
It might (will) take longer than you planed or hoped, for the chosen-one to get there.
Roads will be disastrous,  that's why you are preparing for about three (3) weeks.  Remember what Katrina victims had to deal with? 
Don't even count or hope for help from your tax dollars.  Police, fire-dept., hospitals and paramedics will be overwhelmed.
Calling for Gods help will be difficult,  all long distance lines will be clogged or down.  Unless you are in Israel, then it's a local call.  ;-)

Get a generator from Costco ( ).
Fuel sold separately at any gas station. Regular 87 octane is fine. You will need to have at least two (2) five gallon plastic canisters of fuel
( ).

This link here, is a good travel kit for your cars [each one]

Here is a link for a great dog/cat survival kit.

Homeland security suggests
(get a pen and paper for this)

This here, is a real good suggestion from Wired Mag.
(get a pen and paper for this)

What you should be prepared for:

a. Earthquake

b. Nuclear accident or a strike.
Remember Chernobyl?  ( )

Los Angeles residents go north. To Carmel or so, about 3 - 5 hours.  There you will be protected by the natural rotation of Earth,
all the radiation will be flowing out toward the ocean (west). Earth spins east toward New York.

You need to know were the closest Nuclear Reactor to you is. 
Plan ahead how you will get out of a very busy with traffic city and were will you go. 
Look up a campground with log cabins about 3 - 5 hours drive North or South of your city (not east or west). 
Keep their phone # programmed in your cell phone. 
When calling to make a reservation, offer double the money so they don't give it away to a smart ass like me.

c. Comet.

 d. Yellow Stone Super-Volcano.

The attachment is a related audio show, it's chilly but worth listening to.  Coast to Coast AM ( ) is a show I recommend strongly and with honor everybody listen to. Mind awakening experience [some of it is too weird for me]. De-hypnotization from lifelong programming that started with school then T.V. and Radio.  It's on live every day for free everywhere check your local listing through Google  in L.A. It's [640 am radio and XM satellite] 10 pm - 2 am Pacific time. This show is rated # 1 in the world at it's time slot with more audience then all the others put together. You can also stream-link it to your computer and listen to it any time you want [subscription required .15c a day].  I have been listening to it for over 20 years and can't get enough.  This show made me who I am today, well, had a lot to do with it.   Best 30 minutes you'll hear on the subject.    Click on the attachment when you have 30 min.  and enjoy :-)   Audio player takes a few moments to get ready to play.

e. Maybe, an alien invasion?
   Don't trip.  Intelligent enough beings to get here,  would probably be friendly... don't you think?...

Check out some more very interesting natural disasters:

Hope this will help you out.  Of course you will have questions, I am here for you. E-mail is OK though might take some time for a response. Time is an issue.
I am on a mission to deal with the National Debt (though paying my taxes) and getting rid of the IRS and the Federal Reserve (through promoting Ron Paul for President 2008).
Cell phone is quicker.

And... I hope you never have to use this stuff.
Better safe then sorry. Right?


P.s.  Remember three (3) day survival kits are useless.  We all can last three (3) days if we had to.  In disasters I mentioned above
you will have to survive and last at least THREE (3) WEEKS before possible help.

P.p.s. Oh yea, get a gun and lots of bullets.

P.p.p.s  GOOGLE is your friend.  You can find anything.  And, if you want to see how to use it or how it works, YOU TUBE it.

P.p.p.p.s.  My personal mouth to mouth resuscitation lessons are with a two drink minimum only.
or this one here is free,16866,4333-1,00.html?LibraryURL=/lds/hf/display

Just in case. 

Red cross

Federal Emergency Management Agency

Emergency Preparedness Department 
The link below is for the greater Los Angeles area.  (every city has one, so check your local area)

Regional Poison Control Centers:

Coordinating Office of Terrorism Preparedness and Emergency Response:

Bio terrorism Preparedness and Response Program:

National Center for Environmental Health and Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry:

Ron Paul is our hope for freedom and justice. 
Please take some time and donate $10.00 to Ron Paul's campaign. (or more)
Please watch all the videos I sent to you. Pass them on.
They are important and mind opening.

Please feel free to pass this e-mail to everyone you care about.

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