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 Good Advise  [ Opinion about a course of action; counsel ]   
George Carlin Mourned 
The Mafia's 10 Commandments       





    Lunar Eclipse August 28, 2007


          You are here!


                  Osama bin Laden's Remote Viewed present location.    The reward is still on.  Go get him champ.


   The  Reason  Why  I  Do  not  Surf  Anymore 



                                                                                   The Reason I Am No Longer a Navy Seal


                    This is a Meteor (a space junk pebble about the size of a apple seed) burning-up in our atmosphere.


                    Volcano on the N-Pole of  Io.  The 4th largest Moon of Jupiter.  The only active volcano known, out-side Earth.        


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